Risk and Governance - A Framework for Banking Organisations
2nd Edition

This new edition of Risk and Governance: A Framework for Banking Organisations details how to structure a new corporate governance framework for financial institutions that responds to the threats highlighted by the financial crisis: excessive risk taking; conflicts of interest; biased incentives and compensation; and ineffective supervision.

The Validation of Risk Models - A Handbook for Practitioners

The practice of quantitative risk management has reached unprecedented levels of refinement. The pricing, the assessment of risk as well as the computation of the capital requirements for highly complex transactions are performed through equally complex mathematical models, running on advanced computer systems, developed and operated by dedicated, highly qualified specialists. With this sophistication, however, come risks that are unpredictable, globally challenging and difficult to manage. Model risk is a prime example of these and precisely the kind of risk that those tasked with managing financial institutions as well as those overseeing the soundness and stability of the financial system should worry about.